Holy Grail of equipment

We record with Bart’s found Holy Grail of equipment

Through the 30 years of experience, Bart has assembled his Holy Grail of equipment that suits different flavors of sound. 
Of course the source is where it all begins, but recording the source is a trick-of-trades, choosing the microphones, cables, AD conversion and so on. With the whole chain of decions in place a sound is truly designed to match the needs of the source material and of course to the taste of the sound designer.

Bart: “It is a form of art mind you. One could easily make a comparison with the art of painting: the tools and the environment of the subject a painter would choose to paint, and with which paint and which brush to paint it with. Or the type of lens, the aperture, the light, the position of the camera, the moment(!) a photographer is working with; it is quite similar to the work of a sound designer and foley recordist.”

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