Ambisonics 3rd order!


  • A team of experts in producing and recording foley has dedicated themselves to provide sounds made by human characters in games, with richness and eye for detail
  • All sounds are performed by foley artists working in both film and game industry The foley stage is flexible to be able to work with different surfaces and it’s acoustics will allow simultaneous recordings of different perspectives
  • Recording equipment such as microphones, but also cables, AD converters and word clock are chosen to achieve a very pure and honest sound quality. Monitors and studio acoustics insure that reproduction is extremely accurate
  • Our services include foley recording, editing and delivery


•   microphones: Neumann, Sennheiser and custom made

•   cables: Grimm Audio TPR

•   microphone preamps: Rupert Neve Designs , Millennia, Sound devices

•   Wordclock: Grimm CC1

•   AD conversion: Lynx

•   DAW: AVID Protools HDX Ultimate

•   monitoring:  Grimm Ls1 / Ls1s